The Turing Room

Named after one of Sherborne's finest, The Turing Room is an elegant, flexible space that is perfect for private dinner parties, drinks, board meetings, entertaining, celebrations and of course... thinking!

Located just 30 seconds from the Abbey and a short walk from the railway station (itself just 2 hr 14 min from London!) The Turing Room at Ogilvy & More is perfect for those looking for a base for the day, to meet friends and colleagues, to prepare for a big event like a wedding, memorial, confirmation or speech day.

Configured to allow space to meet, relax, chat, dine and discuss, this large stylish space has comfortable seating, and area that perfect for socialising and a large table that extends to comfortably seat 14-16 for dining or discussion.

Catering options are flexible and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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