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Ogilvy & More

The Wragg 3-2-1 Cheese Selection

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One of our ever popular 3-2-1 range... 3 delicious cheeses, 2 packs of artisan crackers and a jar of fabulously tasty O&M chutney, jelly, pickle or relish.

This one contains: 
  • 200g Rollright - This soft cheese is banded in spruce bark. A delicate, peachy-pink rind ripens the cheese within to a rich, spoonable texture. The cheese develops rich flavours of crème fraiche, cured ham, and mustard seed, with a smoky, woodsy aroma. 

  • 200g Ashcombe - This large, flat, disc shaped cheese which features a striking line of wood ash running through the centre of the cheese. The rind is carefully washed in a special brine solution to develop a bright terracotta hue. The rind is meaty and savoury, while the paste has aromas of warm milk and hay. The flavours are comforting and rich, reminding us of melted butter and fresh hazelnuts.

  • 200g Blue Vinney - This delightful, slightly crumbly blue cheese made in the heart of Dorset has a pleasantly soft taste. Made from semi-skimmed milk, it's also low in fat. In 1998, they were the first food producer to be awarded PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status in the UK and are the only producers of Dorset Blue Vinny.
  • Ogilvy & More Traditional Cheeseboard Chutney - This delicious chutney is reminiscent of your grandmothers home made apple chutney and absolutely fantastic with all sorts of artisan cheeses.
  • Two Packs of Peters Yard Traditional Sourdough Crackers - These sourdough crackers are made in small batches with our signature sourdough starter, which slowly ferments for 16 hours. They’re crafted from natural ingredients including Shipton Mill flour and organic fresh milk. Savour the crunch with your favourite cheese.
  • Choose from our smart, environmentally friendly cardboard hamper or why not make this gift extra special and long lasting by selecting one of our luxury wicker hampers?