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Ogilvy & More

5-2-2 Cheese Selection

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5 superb portions of fabulous cheese will generously serves 10-12 as a cheeseboard after a meal.
  • 200g Montgomery Cheddar - This tradition cheese from the heart of Somerset has rich, savoury flavours and a firm, almost brittle texture. It is clothbound in lard to develop a flavoursome rind and is without question one of the finset examples of a Cheddar we have tasted.
  • 200g Blue Vinney - This delightful, slightly crumbly blue cheese made in the heart of Dorset has a pleasantly soft taste. Made from semi-skimmed milk, it's also low in fat. In 1998, they were the first food producer to be awarded PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status in the UK and are the only producers of Dorset Blue Vinny.
  • 200g Isle of Wight Blue - This unmistakable soft blue cheese has a string of prestigious cheese awards top its name. Handmade from pasteurised Guernsey cow's milk. it is naturally rinded and veined with distinctive blue streaks, which deliver a rich, slightly smokey taste.
  • 300g Organic Cotswold Blue Brie - An organic soft white moulded cheese with a Roquefort blue mould running through the centre. It has a delicious creamy texture, with a fresh clean taste that develops as the cheese ages into a rich aromatic piquancy. Depending on taste, it is perhaps at its best towards the end of its life. It can be eaten traditionally with bread and wine, but it is wonderful with a fresh pear.

  • 200g Rutland Red - Made using a traditional recipe, Rutland Red is buttered, cloth-bound and matured for six months to produce a flaky, open texture cheese with a slightly sweet, caramelised flavour and rich golden orange colour. It is the only pasteurised Red Leicester produced in the county of Leicestershire. Rutland Red is an award winning cheese winning 3 golds at the Global Cheese Awards and 4 golds and the Tesco Red Leicester Trophy at the International Cheese awards.
  • Ogilvy & More Salsa - Flame grilled peppers with a mild hint of Ancho smoked chilli give this salsa a warm, sweet and distinctive flavour. It's a top seller in the O&M range!
  • Ogilvy & More Traditional Fig Jam. Made with rich dried figs full of flavour. Great with cheese as well as a sweet preserve.
  • Two Packs of Peters Yard Traditional Sourdough Crackers - These sourdough crackers are made in small batches with our signature sourdough starter, which slowly ferments for 16 hours. They’re crafted from natural ingredients including Shipton Mill flour and organic fresh milk. Savour the crunch with your favourite cheese.