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Butcombe - Golden Ale

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Go gold or go home. Fearlessly brewed, this is a well-balanced, full-bodied golden beer with a subtle floral and herby aroma. A true Bristol sunset in a bottle, worth its weight in gold.

And now Gold is Gluten Free. All the taste of classic ale but just without the gluten. Made from dazzling Maris Otter malt, this exceptional golden ale won’t disappoint. Part bitter, part sweet, 100% refreshing.

Gold has been brewed using all the same ingredients and hops we have always used for our golden ale. Now though, at the fermentation stage we take out the gluten. Our Gold Gluten Free bottles are also suitable for vegans.

Fully accredited with less than 10 parts per million of gluten by Murphy & Son.


Gold is the perfect complement to a rich tomato ragu with al dente pasta, bringing out the earthiness of Italian herbs for a dynamic, satisfying flavour combination with a quirky twist.

4.4% ABV  |  50cl bottles