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Ogilvy & More

The Coker Cheese Selection

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  • Barbers Black Waxed Truckle (200g)
    • Made using traditional starter cultures and techniques, this Farmhouse Waxed Truckle is matured for 12 months then packaged in black wax, as they have been for generations.Renowned for their creamy texture, these truckles have a rounded and rich flavour.
  • Rachel (200g)
    • Rachel is not your typical Goat’s cheese. It’s a semi hard, washed rind cheese with a delicate yet more-ish sweet/medium flavour. Winner of multiple cheese awards.

  • Bix (100g)
    • Winner of Best Soft White at the British Cheese Awards, Bix is fast becoming a British classic. Luxurious and complex, this triple-cream cheese is prized for its indulgence. Bix aficionados find it very hard not to finish one in a single sitting.

  • Isle of White Soft (180g)
    • The Isle of White Soft is a soft white surface mould ripened pasteurised cheese. It shares similarities with brie and camembert. Isle of White Soft took the title of Reserve Champion at the 2019 British Cheese Awards.
    • Shropshire Blue (200g)
      • Made of pasteurised cow's milk, It is a semi-firm blue cheese sharing similarities with Stilton and Cheshire. It has an orange-brown, natural rind, smooth texture and a strong, sharp flavour.
    • Ogilvy & More Flame Grilled Pepper Ancho ChillI Salsa (290g)
      • Made with flame grilled peppers, it has a mild chilli kick and distinctive smokiness that have wide ranging appeal and offer limitless ways for it to be enjoyed.
    • Ogilvy & More Beetroot and Horseradish (280g)
      • This is quite possibly our most versatile relish... The sweet, juicy beetroot flavours are complimented by a noticeable (but not overpowering) hint of horseradish and the deep red colour delivers a dash of drama to a salad, sandwich, grazing board or platter.
    • Peters Yard Sourdough Crackers
    • Peters Yard Artisan Charcoal Crackers

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