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Ogilvy & More

The Shepton Cheese Platter

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  • Cornish Yarg (200g): A nettle wrapped semi-hard cheese with a tangy taste and slightly crumbly core. Made from grass rich Cornish milk.
  • Little Rollright (250g): Little Rollright (260g): Rollright is a soft cheese banded in spruce bark. A delicate, peachy-pink rind ripens the cheese within to a rich, spoonable texture. The cheese develops rich flavours of crème fraiche, cured ham, and mustard seed, with a smoky, woodsy aroma. 
  • White Stilton with Apricots (200g): A delicious crumbly white stilton with sweet juicy apricots. This delicious addition to a cheeseboard is sure to be a winner.
  • Ogilvy & More Quince Jelly (340g): Quince Jelly is both the archetypal accompaniment to cheese, ham or pork (and much more) and the unsung hero of the world of jellies and other accompaniments. So why not forget those nasty 'sharp' pickles and indulge yourself in this most traditional of pleasures.
  • Peters Yard Sourdough Crackers
  • Peters Yard Charcoal Crackers


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