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The Wonderful Wylye - Smoked Trout, Roulades, Swirls, Smørgel, Terrine, Potted, Wine and Champagne

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Big is not only beautiful... it is delicious, indulgent, spoiling and in this case, absolutely perfect for sharing!

Presented in either our stunning Ogilvy & More premium wooden or luxury wicker hamper, start with the our house champagne as you explore the contents which include a range of delicious smoked trout products from the banks of the River Wylye where the fish are hatched, reared and smoked. Enjoy Cold Smoked Trout, hand made Trout Swirls and Roulades, light and tasty Terrine, Potted Trout and the stand out Smoked Trout Smørgel, accompanied by crisp sourdough and charcoal crackers, artisan bread and paired with two bottles of one of our favourite white wines... 

Serve as a picnic, present it as a gift or enjoy at home with friends, this hamper is an absolute stunner! 

  • A bottle of our Devaux Champagne Grande Reserve Champagne. This has a gentle tone, a hint of honey and slightly biscuity note. It has a lovely soft mousse and small bubbles. It is the perfect accompaniment for fish and seafood

  • Our Cold Smoked Trout is unique in that the fish are hatched, reared, smoked and prepared by the same passionate team of experts on the banks of the River Wylye. Finely sliced and perfect for canapés, sandwiches, lunching and munching
  • Hand made Smoked Trout and Terrine Roulades; fabulous finger food at its finest!
  • Hot Smoked Trout Smørgel; a delicious blend of premium trout, capers, gherkins, red onion, lemon & mayonnaise
  • Hand made Smoked Trout and Terrine swirls; slightly larger than the roulades, these make wonderful starters or trout centrepieces. We love them with a dusting of black pepper and a light squeeze of lemon
  • Smoked Trout Terrine. A delicious blend of Cold Smoked Trout, local yoghurt, butter, lemon & parsley
  • Potted Hot Smoked Trout.  Hot smoked trout with parsley, lemon, capers, cayenne pepper & yoghurt
  • Peter's Yard Sourdough Crackers provide the perfect accompaniment for this seafood pairing; each batch begins with a sourdough starter, fermented for 16 hours for a unique, subtle flavour. They have a dry, slightly nutty note and a satisfying crunch
  • Artisan loaf from our local West Country baker, this loaf has a depth of flavour that perfectly carries the richness of the charcuterie and wine. 
  • Two bottles of Quincy Domaine de Chevilly. This delicious white wine from the Upper Loire Valley, made from Sauvignon Blanc has steely dry, Sancerre like flavours. This wine is a favourite with our curators... it's a cracker!

Select one of our stunning wicker or wooden Ogilvy & More hampers, giving the lucky recipient something to cherish, to use and to remind them of your kindness. The wicker and wooden hampers are a beautiful, practical items that can be used over and over again in the home, whilst travelling or when dining al fresco!